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ABC Phonics Make Word

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Phonics Make a Word supports both Phonics and Spelling. The application is for children just beginning to read. The words all have short vowel sounds. More advanced children should try Phonics Advanced, with long vowel sounds and double vowels.Phonics Make A Word includes five different phonics short vowels groups. Each group has about 30 CVC words so there are about 150 words included in the game. The app support multiple user accounts and report cards. There are awards and bonus game to encourage child to play and learn.
"_a_", "_e_", "_i_", "_o_", "_u_"
Features:-Phonics-Spelling-Letter Sound-Short Vowels-Word Family-Animated Spelling-Beginning Sound-Ending Sound-Touch and Hear-Capital vs. Lower-case-Spelling Hint-Images and Animations-Multiple user accounts-Report cards-Bonus Game-Awards
By building words, this game helps children recognize common word patterns, and understand how the initial consonant, middle vowels, and ending consonant affect pronunciation. These are all important stepping stones to becoming a proficient reader.
This game is is like having a private tutor to teach your child one on one.
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